First Impressions

Expecting to be supremely exhausted tonight, I am surprised to be wide awake at 9:30 pm Bali time. This lovely bed awaits when my eyes get droopy.

My brother John and sister in law Sue surprised us at the Singapore airport so we could all fly the last leg together.

We were coming off a 12 hour flight from Manchester UK. It turned out to be the best leg of the trip. With 12 hours there is time to settle in and feel at home in our little pods. Beds not bad.

Arrival in Denpasar, Bali uncomplicated and our drivers were waiting for us. It took 3 cars to haul to 4 of us the hour and 20 minutes to Ubud with about 10 pieces of luggage. Very narrow roads through villages with a Hindu temple on every block and motor scooters surrounding us like escorts.

The hotel is in a jungly location with the sounds of a waterfall not far away. There’s no clear path to the waterfall, and fearing scary Balinese critters, we choose to just enjoy the splashing from our balcony.

Lovely suite with a giant footed tub that I can’t wait to soak in. Candles and marches provided and I’ve got a stash of People magazines I brought along.

There is a photo opp every few steps. At dusk, after a short nap, we headed out walking up the road to a dinner spot my brother scopes out. Cute bar for mojitos then out to the deceleration overlooking the tropical landscape for dinner. But so many photos to take on the way there and back.

Love this creative spelling.

The airport grounds:

Ubud is 90% Hindu, unlike the rest of Muslim majority Indonesia.

Above is the pathway to our room.

Tomorrow we look forward to exploring the countryside with our driver Budi. I have so many questions for him! Sue has a massage in the afternoon and I see a chaise lounge with my name on it!

So happy to be here to celebrate Chris and Sheryl’s wedding next week !

Good night!

3 Replies to “First Impressions”

  1. It’s so beautiful. I can just hear all the jungley noises. Sounds like you’re going to have some wonderful excursions. And food adventures too!!😳😂


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