Three Moss Moose

There are a few bucket list items I aim to check off on this trip.  One of them is to see a real moose.  Now, John claims that a far away glimpse of a moose butt in the woods somewhere years ago counts as a moose sighting.  Not to me.  I want the front side of an actual live moose.  Fearing that this might not happen I grabbed a shot of these guys in Butchart Gardens. Hopefully to be replaced later in the trip with the real deal.

Here’s a travel advisory for you if you ever visit Victoria, BC:  don’t visit the Miniature World “museum” in the Empress Hotel.  I love doll houses so broke from the group to see the miniatures.  A dark, smelly winding hallway where I walked by tiny dioramas depicting historical events.  Dusty historical events.  With the “smallest working saw mill in the world” that doesn’t actually work. Shut down by the fire department according to a sign posted..

Back to Butchart Gardens, our main event of the day.  In the rain.  Not a hard rain but steady,  I think it was to our advantage because the endless shades of green and the brightly colored flowers stood out against the gray sky.


Endless photo ops.  I’ll invite you to the slide show when we get home. #GrandpaGalt

Back in Victoria, the sun came out, the sky turned blue and the wind picked up considerably. So thankful we didn’t choose to go whale watching in an oversize pool float.  We headed to an English pub with our friends, shopped for tshirts, and bought chocolate.  Separate His and Her bags.  

We have a long and confusing list of things to get ourselves ready for a big day tomorrow that requires we pack only a duffel bag for the 18 hour overnight train ride to Jasper.  We’ll take a float plane back to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon after “tea” (la-de-DA) to catch the train.  

Once we board Canada’s version of Amtrak (tour guide did not choose an appealing comparison, if you ask me) we will be unplugged.  I bought a paper back at Munro’s Book Store today — book lovers you know how excited I was to shop there!  

Back in touch from Jasper, Alberta.


2 Replies to “Three Moss Moose”

  1. How fortuitous that you are visiting there now so I know what to do when I arrive. And you are right about the flowers and photographs, much better shots on a cloudy day!


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