A Day at Sea

Here’s what’s a bonus about traveling with a company like Tauck — every day is so filled with adventures that it feels like each day is actually two.  

Yesterday in Victoria we had a free morning. Which to Ann means sleep in.  Which to John means get up and get moving. A 15 minute compromise was reached and we laid out a plan.  The morning HAD to involve a boat ride so we grabbed the “bathtub boat” from the city dock to travel to Fisherman’s Wharf.  The cute little boat looked like an illustration from an old Little Golden Book about a tiny tugboat.

A circuitous route took us across the bay.  Two runways for seaplanes run right across the water and there are only 2 places boats can cross over them.  In addition, if you are entering the harbor in a power boat or sailboat you have turn power off/ drop sails and row in so as not to create a wake on the liquid runways.

Once on Fisherman’s Wharf we walked the docks admiring the floating homes.  Most quite small, but elaborate.  With decks, porches.

And look at the cute guy guarding this house

The boat returned us to a different location in Victoria –Chinatown. Himself thought he was so funny repeatedly remarking that everything was made in China.🙄

By 1:00 we arrived at the Fairmont Empress Hotel for Tea. Pinkies out, we did our best to represent the state of Florida amidst the Victorian splendor.  The boys scoffed at the cucumber sandwiches, but at the end both tiered p,ages were pretty much empty.

Now it was time to waddle across the street to the seaplane terminal for our flight back to Vancouver.

Next stop the part of Vancouver called Gastown –perfect for a woman whose IBS is acting up after days of too rich food.

By 8:00 pm we were settled in our “room” on the train for the next 18 hours.  But first, Champagne in the reserved Tauck reserved area in the panorama car.

Passed through mountains, along racing rivers and this pyramid waterfall


Now we’ve arrived at our unexpected “cabin” — sharing with Lindens –on a turquoise lake in Jasper National Park.  Residing in a ginormous two bedroom cabin with large living room between.  If we don’t come home, you’ll find us here.

Why Day at Sea?  Because that’s what 18 hours on the train felt like.  A relaxing day to do nothing.  Tomorrow we have free – may be horseback riding. You’ll find out soon!


One Reply to “A Day at Sea”

  1. Gorgeous!! When we were first offered the gig in Vancouver, the condo was in Gastown but they ended up selling that and we will be living in Yaletown, across the water from Granville Island.

    You two look like you are having a blast!


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