Camp Jasper

Imagine our surprise when we unlocked the door of our room at Jasper Park Lodge and found this view out our back window wall:

A bonus:  we have a huge “cabin” with two bedrooms and a large living/dining/kitchen area where we could hang out with our traveling companions.  That made dealing with a rainy day much easier.  We could hang out in our living room to chat and read and choose not to go horseback riding “rain or shine.”

Walked a bit along the Lac Beauvert.  Can’t go all the way because it is elk calving season and the critters shouldn’t be disturbed. We ran into a couple from our group who were high-tailing it back toward us.  Up ahead on the trail they ran into a grizzly standing on the trail, on it’s hind legs, arms (huh, arms?) raised, facing them about 20 feet away.  Contrary to all advice given about how to react if you run into a bear (bathroom books always have that kind of advice), they ran like hell.  Didn’t even stop to get a picture. Our walk wasn’t nearly as thrilling:

And if I have to wear those pants one more day…😬

If you are on Facebook you’ve seen our little photo contest.  Choosing our best shot from our respective iPhones kept us amused for about an hour.  I have to say there was a certain amount of extreme confidence from one participant certain that their photo would the winner. As the results come in, this person is now claiming that the survey is not valid and should be redesigned.  We shall work on that. Results revealed tomorrow.

Basically today was eat, walk, nap, eat, drink, repack.  

I leave you with the final view of the evening.

Up at 6am tomorrow to head to a glacier and on to Lake Louise.


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