That’s what we are — toast.  Seems all the days have caught up and tonight we are exhausted.  Each day is packed with beauty that is overwhelming.  Just when we think a mountain can’t get any higher, or a lake any more turquoise, we round a corner and there is an even more magnificent sight.

The Icefield Parkway was mile after mile of glacier capped mountains and surprise waterfalls.  We stopped at one particularly splendid one (Athabasca Falls) — water forcefully pouring over the rocks. What a sound!

As I sit here in our room, sipping Grand Marnier, overlooking turquoise Lake Louise I am struggling to remember the highlights of our day.  On our drive from Jasper to Lake Louise we saw some critters that slowed us down.  These shedding mountain goats stopped traffic both ways as they meandered down the Parkway.

Shortly after this pic was taken we screeched to a halt for a shiny furred black bear crossing the road.  

Look at those bags under my eyes!  I am so doggone tired!

After a stop in Lake Louise Village for essentials (in our case –  socks, wine and assorted minis from the liquor store) we wound our way up to Chateau Lake Louise. Stunning view from our room — which Tauck is good at procuring for its guests.

After dinner we took a short walk along the lake and Pat caught this photo opp

Sheesh, how could I forget the Athabasca Glacier that we walked on

John just called the front desk for a “sunrise wake up call.”  Fortunately, they don’t call if the weather is bad.  We had close to 80 degrees this afternoon but expect it to go downhill from here.  Cold, rain, and possibly snow in the forecast.  How fun will a snowy river float trip be?!

A year ago today we were floating down the Lower Danube when we turned on CNN in our cabin and learned about the Pulse shooting.  It was a weird and lonely feeling to be so disconnected from such an impactful event in our home town.  We were worried about people we knew.  And people from church.  There was no one on the boat we could talk to about it.  We were feeling so shocked and sad for the families and our town.  Now, here it is a year later and we are again far away from the remembrances. I am so proud that John was able to get the church’s bells programmed to toll 49 times at noon, along with many other churches.  We were there in our hearts.


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  1. Ann, that scenery is absolutely breathtaking…oh my gosh!! Just like you I was mostly away during Pulse. Actually, the helicopters were flying overhead when we got up early as I was going to California to take care of a sister post major surgery. Once the plane took off and we saw the extent of it on CNN, I was horrified and sad to be leaving Orlando. During the following week I was glued to my iPad when Carol did not need me. Indeed, it was weird and you are the first person to express what I felt.

    Good for Jon on the bells….very powerful to say the least.


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