Artsy Fartsy Tuesday

“Sunrise wake up call” means they will keep calling your room at 5:20, 5:21, 5:22, 5:23 until you figure out how to properly answer the phone and acknowledge the call. Then they send a person to knock on the door to see if you really ARE awake. Unfortunately, this commotion also wakes up the person who does NOT want a 5:20 wake up because you can see the sunrise perfectly fine out of the window. From the bed. 

We have about 30 shots of sunrise because the light changed every minute.  Outside, John said, it was like being in an enormous cathedral.

On a walk along the lake I wanted to take some “background pictures” to use in the digital photo album I’ll make for this trip.  I like using my own rather than the stock backgrounds in Picaboo.  Samples:


I’d like to think I got exercise, but with stopping every few minutes for photos there wasn’t anything aerobic about this 2 mile “hike.”  Maybe dodging mud puddles counts as Jumping Jacks.  I was also working on my “selfie” skills.  My brain isn’t wired for taking photos of us that includes both people and background scenery.  This is what I got:

See my new turquoise jacket?  The color is the same as the lake, though it doesn’t show that in the picture.  One other woman on the trip also found this bargain jacket:

Took off for Lake Moraine after lunch.  Supposed to be the most gorgeous lake we would see. Shortly after Pat and John started climbing a moutain of landslide rocks, the rain began pouring down.  Since I wasn’t climbing I was able to get some ground level shots of a logjam.

It poured as we drove on to Banff.  The bus (excuse me, coach) was quiet for the hour drive, except for the sound of snoring.

So…our room here at this Scottish castle style hotel looks down on to the entrance.  The first few times I looked out the window I wondered why the horse in front of the main entrance wasn’t moving along.  Every time I looked out he was standing there. Seriously.  

Italian dinner tonight and we added vegetables to our diet — which have been seriously lacking.

These were soooo good.  One of our foursome, who asked me not to name her, (ha!)  wondered if I actually got 15 stalks because the menu said “Asparagus         15.”  This person must not eat out often enough to realize that they actually put prices on the menu. $15 not 15 asparagus.  Funny thing is, there were actually 15 asparagus in the bundles. 

John’s veggie choice:

Hot olives and grilled artichoke. 

Beddy bye time. Tomorrow a Bow River float trip — probably in the rain.  


3 Replies to “Artsy Fartsy Tuesday”

  1. I love that idea! Taking background shots. Love the jacket that truly matched the lake in a photo John took the other day.


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