The Only Cowgirl in Calgary

Our official part of the trip is over.  Most of the group flew home today.  The rest of us are on our own in Calgary.  For some reason I thought this was an old Wild West kind of town. I packed my plaid flannel shirt just for this day.  Guess what.  Calgary is an actual city and we ride the train and bus to prove it.  I was the only woman in a plaid shirt  clearly a tourist, though I don’t think the shirt was the only give-away.

There is a lovely island park close to our hotel with a photo opp recommended by the concierge. Canada is celebrating 150 years this year.  Could’ve bought the tshirt. Didn’t.

Park wildlife (besides us) included geese, black squirrels, and plastic hidden gophers.  My exercise today was dodging goose poop – which, by the way, is quite large considering the size of the critter.

How fun for little kids to run around the park looking for hidden gophers. Sort of the Canadian version of Hidden Mickeys.  

I have never seen a black squirrel. This one was moving fast so it was difficult to get a picture.

And there were pretty flowers, too.

Found a cute place along the river for lunch.  Yikes!  We forgot to check the posted menu before being seated.  Turned out to be pricy so John and I shared a kale pesto flatbread with poached apples, cheddar cheese and roasted walnuts.  About as filling as it sounds.  Thank God for the beer.

Note plaid shirt and Lake Louise fleece tourist jacket on me.  See the glasses of water?  $1 each. But great water.

The boys wanted to go to Fort Calgary.  Seemed like a nice day for a short train ride and walk. And walk.  And walk.  And walk.  Upon arrival I knew there was no way I could walk another step.

No Uber in Canada so we caught at bus to Calgary Tower.  Though both John and I swore we would not go out on the glass ledge, Pat double dog dared us.  We were brave to just stand there.  She outdid us by walking the entire ledge!

Once again note cowgirl outfit.

We both ended up dizzy and slightly off balance for a bit afterwards.  I mean, more off balance than usual.

Here’s another double dog dare. 

Well, maybe I DO look sort of cowgirl-ish…

Absolutely exhausted tonight and looking forward to sleeping in a little later tomorrow morning before our afternoon flight home.  But even though we are tired we have begun talking about our next trip!  We loved our tour director and if we travel again with  Tauck we would definitely find out which trips she is working.  

Can’t wait to WALK to dinner. 😏

Cowgirl out.


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