Bintang and a Wedding

(Written on flight from Bali to Siem Reap. Catching up on posts for several days. )

In effort to remain healthy we have not been drinking local water or brushing our teeth with it. Where I normally I would choose water to accompany a meal I now choose a local beer – Bintang. I’m not normally a beer drinker but it sure tastes good on these hot and humid days. John, too, loves him a Bintang and has the t shirt to prove it.

We gathered at the glass walled chapel just down the path from our rooms a little before 5.

We loved that John and Sue put us in the front row with them for the ceremony. Monkeys were climbing all around the chapel until a grounds keeper shooed them all away.

Traditional bouquets of mixed white flowers were attached to each row of aisle seats (for the love of God, someone is giving themselves a manicure in a nearby seat and it really stinks). The altar had three small arrangements of white flowers. The center aisle was a carpet of white rose petals that we all carefully avoided crushing on the way to our seats. Even the bridesmaids cautiously avoided them. Not so the groom and groomsmen!

John, just before the service started, whispered “I don’t think you should take any pictures.” I agreed since i wasn’t familiar with Muslim custom and didn’t know if it was appropriate.

Sherly entered in a gorgeous mermaid style ( I think) that was very difficult to walk in. We all held our breath as she maneuvered the steps. Her long veil swept up many of the aisle rose petals. I have to say I wish I had gotten a picture of the rose petals gathered under the veil. It looked so soft and delicate, like a gauzy lens.

So here’s the picture taking deal: as soon as the bride entered the door her entire side started popping up to take pictures. There were three photographers on the floor in front of our seats. I figured at that point anything goes and whipped out my phone! Steff was right behind us in an aisle seat and got the best pix.

The bridesmaids all wore dresses of the same color of dusky lavender but they each chose their own style. Sherly’s sister wore a matching head scarf. Sherly’s family is Muslim and several of the female relatives wore traditional garb. The more liberal friends of Sherly (her squad) all wore gray gowns (they weren’t bridesmaids).

Guest apparel ranged from lace dresses to khaki pants or shorts for the men. The groom and groomsmen wore custom made gray suits with white open collar shirts.

The MOG and MOB had similar fabric used for their wedding finery. Sherly had them custom made.

(Hack, hack from middle seat. Oh I hope it’s not contagious!)

The ceremony was in English and Indonesian (though I think it’s called Bahasa.) Rings were exchanged, documents were signed. All the guests exited first so we could shower the bridal couple with rose petals as the came down the chapel steps.

The reception with a “live BBQ” seafood dinner was held poolside. The whole area looked magical with flowered candle rings floating in the pool, twinkly lights in the trees,market lights strung over the tables, white banners fluttering in the breeze coming off the Indian Ocean. All this and a spectacular crimson, yellow and orange sunset. Live music with excellent singers sang pop standards, Sherly’s sister sang a couple of songs for the couple. The thing I was hoping happened. The bride is an Indonesian pop singer quite well known. We’ve seen bits and pieces of her shows on YouTube, but what a treat when she sang a live song to Chris. Her voice is beautiful and her stage presence charming.

Steff and cousin Drew:

Niece Sara and fiancé Collin.

A DJ kicked in for the after party and he had our family up and dancing all night. So much fun. Sue whispered to me that she was so hot she felt like jumping in the pool. And then she and my brother John did! It was quite spectacular and everybody loved it! I wonder what trick they have in store for Sara and Collin’s October wedding!

John and Sue make a splash.

Soaking wet Sue.

We were so fortunate to be here for this joyful family gathering full of love and smiles and laughter. And an opportunity to make new friends from another culture.

Will catch again tomorrow!

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  1. I’m so addicted to your posts. I love love love your photos and wedding details. You looked beautiful. The bride is gorgeous


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