Saying Goodbye

Our last day in Bali was, purposely chill, though we both woke up earlier than we expected considering the previous night of partying!

We had our last Nasi Goreng breakfast. Stir fried rice and vegetables with a fried egg on top. Actually we’ve had Nasi Goreng for MANY meals here! It’s a safe bet. We saw a T-shirt that said “Peace, love and Nasi Goreng” that would be appropriate for us.

Lunch down the cliff a bit with John, Sue, Chris and Drew. There was Nasi Goreng and Bintang involved. And a view of about 25 surfers trying to catch big waves (25 feet?) below us.

Packing took most of the afternoon. At 4:30 we said a tearful (me) goodbye to John and Sue. The rest of us walked 15 min to the Ulu Cliff House to have drinks and dinner while the sun set. Sherly and Chris hosted a lovely dinner for John and I, Drew (who I have loved talking to),Sara and Collin, Steff and Phil. The best sunset was saved for our last night!

Don’t lean against the glass!

This must be healthy, right?

When I ordered red snapper, by golly I got the whole red snapper!

And now we are landing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to switch to a flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Another currency to figure out!

A new adventure awaits!

One Reply to “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Beautiful beautiful pics. What a great adventure. Personally, I wish you could have been a little more adventurous with the food, but I totally get it. The Bintang seemed a good choice throughout. Now get yourselves home.


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