Napping at 36,000 feet

I remember taking cranky crying infants on endless rides around the ‘burbs as a method of inducing sleep. At my age now, airplanes rock me right to sleep.

But I never believe that will happen. I anticipated today’s 5.5 hour flight to Seattle would be time to do All the Things I feel guilty about doing at home in downtime. My pregnant looking Vera Bradley carry on was stuffed with back issues of the NYT Book Review, several NYT Monday (the easiest day)crossword puzzles, a just begun paperback (The Nix), ipad with Candy Crush level 454 to be conquered, and my big ass Bose headphones.  

I was tempted by Delta’s in-flight entertainment before we even got off the ground. “Moonlight” seemed a good choice since I remember the controversial end to the Academy Awards this year. Pressed start and within a few minutes I was out. Snoozing. Nodding. Snorting. Eyelids that would not open even for the airplane cookie lady. 

Crossword puzzle undone, book unread, Candy Crush still flashing on 454 asking if I wanted to buy Candy Bombs or switchy hands or coconut wheels to aid my game.

First stop on layover: Starbucks.  

Arrived in Vancouver on time and happily ran into into our travel companions from home, Pat and Eric.  Right away we decided no political talk on vacation.  10 minutes after (if that long)….well, you know. 

I could live here with all the saggy looking pine trees, rhododendron, sharp peaked mountains, lovely wood roofed homes.  As you may guess, we arrived on a rainless day, clear sky.  View from The Fairmont waterfront not bad.

That is grass growing on the roof across the street.

So figuring out the money isn’t bad. I’m just going to say a dollar is a dollar no matter what.  John brought leftover Euros so that should be helpful 🙄. Pat has a handful of Canadian coins that I think were the rejects from a Publix Coin Star machine.

Soon time for wine and dinner here at the hotel.  Tomorrow we begin checking out Vancouver then on to Victoria. 


Stuff It

People, I need people. Like the rich Naples ladies I met last time we traveled. People to select the proper clothes for the weather at multiple destinations. People to pack it in one 50 lb bundle. And come out unwrinkled on the other end. People to whom I could ship the whole mess on the last day of the trip so that by the time I got home it would all be laundered and hung back up. True–there was a lady who actually did this on our river cruise.
36 hours out from departure this is what I’ve got:

Looks good, right? Undies in tight little net bag (gives new meaning to the phrase “tighty whities,” right?), leftover cruise slippers tucked in top, sets of clothes labeled by day and activity.  It’s a sham. Under this tidy layer is an episode of “Hoarders”. Because you never know when you will need that (3rd) umbrella, the giant emergency bag of Hershey’s Kisses, every drug prescribed in the last five years, more Wet Ones than the Octomom could use in a Mc Donald’s outing, and the two most recent issues of u read People magazines.  Been saving up those puppies.

And so my first blog post begins.  This only took 2 hours, several consultations with my personal PMP, and a smidge of Grand Marnier.  

Will keep you posted!